7 Twitter Accounts to Follow for Uniform Designs

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Youth athletic uniforms have come a long way. No longer do we find ourselves in a time where the options are limited to one or two colors and basic text on jerseys. The apparel industry has evolved and new embellishment technologies have advanced to a point where a grade school can have just as cool of a design as a professional team without breaking the bank. But let’s assume you are a coach or an athletic director, not a designer. Where do you even begin?

Let us arm you with a little inspiration. We’ve found some excellent Twitter accounts that think about uniforms and design around the clock and they have some really great content to share. Perhaps looking at some other teams – professional, collegiate and high school – will help you with some ideas for your team’s new look.

1. BestHSUniforms

BestHSUniforms curates tons of high quality photos of high school football uniforms along with a few other sports sprinkled in here and there.

2. TheBestGear

The handle name gives you a pretty good preview of what you will see from their feed – Gear! Not only do they showcase uniforms from all levels, but they also give some good glimpses into gear for various sports too. You can expect a heavy dose of football and basketball uniforms here, but you will also see interesting posts about shoes, helmets and other equipment.

3. UniSwag

UniformSwag is very similar to TheBestGear in terms of the type of content you should expect to see. A majority of the tweets will cover collegiate uniforms, however you will see some high schools mentioned. Uniformswag also has a website (http://www.uniswag.com/) which offers a running blog on uniforms, gear and other feature stories.

4. Chris Creamer

Any logo junkie knows that Chris Creamer has been a solid online resource before Twitter even existed. His website beautifully documents all team logos past and present and it can be found at http://www.sportslogos.net. His twitter feed focuses more on sports logos, but perhaps that’s just what your uniform redesign calls for this season – a new primary or secondary logo?

5. HelmetSoul

HelmetSoul, a feed by a helmet designer from Memphis, showcases amazing designs on a variety of different helmets – mostly football. If you are in charge of a team that needs new helmets and you are looking for a fresh new design, be sure to follow HelmetSoul for inspiration!

6. ColorWerx

Okay, I know what you are thinking…where are the uniforms? Well, despite this feed not featuring uniforms, I do think it will come in handy. The ColorWerx feed, along with the website http://www.colorwerx.net/, has researched and documented the official Pantone colors for professional and collegiate teams past and present. If you are looking to match your colors to one of these teams, this will be a tremendous resource.

10. Paul Lukas

Paul Lukas has a very active Twitter account that’s been around for over seven years. In addition to new jersey designs, you can expect to find just about anything trending in the news and social media that is related to uniforms and gear for professional and collegiate levels.