4 Steps to a Successful Flash Store Fundraiser

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Online flash stores are a quick and easy fundraiser for any team or organization. Follow these 4 steps to make sure you’re hard work is rewarded:

Step 1: Products to sell

– Choose between 10-15 products & Don’t get fancy. T-shirts, Hoodies, Jackets and sweatpants sell the best.Flash Store Apparel Product Preview

– Make sure to have both men’s and women’s options to appeal to more customers.

– It is best to choose one logo (Two at most), as the manufacturer factor logo amounts in their costs. This means that the lower the number the logos, the lower the cost for you!

Step 2: Length of Sale

– Surprisingly, 70% of sales are done within the first and last 24 hours a store is open. Creating a call to action is essential to making sure people buy the gear.

– Timeframe should be no longer than 2 weeks as statistics show that store sales with drop off immensely after the 2nd week.

– The store should end on a Sunday night as that is the day most people have free time to shop.

Step 3: Advertise

– Send multiple messages throughout the duration of the store sale with a direct link to the flash store.

– Make it as simple as possible for customers to enter the store and purchase things. Passwords & sale codes may seem like a fancy touch to add to your store, however they are just a barrier to entry and causes more work for everyone in the end.

– The most successful messages you send out are the Store Launch and the 48 Hours Left To Buy ad’s. Make sure everyone receives these emails because they are the most influential in attracting people to the page.

Flash Store Last Chance To Buy Email Advertisement

Step 4: Finish The Job

Take the stress off your customers and yourself by staying on top of things. Provide your customers with an estimated date their items should arrive. Also, be sure to send the shipping tracking numbers on their individual order.

If you are looking to create a flash store or seeking additional information please feel free to contact us using the form below!

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